The Cook Islands (NZ) Society is currently open as per the ALERT LEVEL 2 guidelines set by the Government.

The use of our venue is open, however, there is a restricted maximum attendance of 100 persons at one time, also social distance guidelines must be followed.

We encourage individuals to record their movements at all times, in saying this those who use the Government Tracing App you can find the government QR codes on the doors leading into our hall.

The Cook Islands (NZ) Society will continue to provide various supplies to assist with cleaning along with providing hand sanitiser, it is up to individuals to adhere to washing hands.

Please keep yourselves safe and help the elderly or house bound members in your own neighbourhood.

Look out for each other, look after your family and friends and be kind to each other.

E kia manuia

Meitaki atupaka

Cook Islands (NZ) Society